Kids Planet

Interior design kids club at Blue Tree

Education and Entertainment
Blue Tree - Phuket - Thailand
Blue Tree
2020 – 2021
996.00 m²
Under Construction
Carpentry work: Miraj Furniture

Located in one of the units of The Wave, the Kids Planet is a supervised day care in support of parents, allowing them free time to enjoy all blue tree activities, all the while educating, engaging and entertaining their children in a playful, dynamic and stylish environment.

The kids club is in a double height ceiling unit with an internal garden, featuring a curved floor plan mezzanine with a colorful net to lay on. The Kids Planet closes its facades to the outdoor surroundings to create a controlled space for children to play but opens all its internal facades to the beautiful central garden. A skylight above the internal green space allows natural light inside, affecting children and adults’ mood in a positive manner.

Orange color is used for dramatic effect throughout the space, adding an accent element. The rest of the colors used, inspired by Nature, are brought inside. Graphics in shades of blue and green are placed strategically from wall arts, extending all the way to the ceiling.

The Kids Planet includes 2 zones: one area is for children from 1 to 3, and the other from 4 to 6 years old. The furniture is designed to kid’s size and according to activities offered.  All indoor furniture are made of Parawood, a locally sourced and environmentally friendly material. Divisions between rooms are made with movable furniture so that the space can be transformed, providing flexibility.

The ground floor space is organized around the internal garden. Windows throughout the building allow a strong visual connection with the greenery. This welcoming green space encourages children to play outdoors in a safe and stimulating environment.  

By the entrance, a curved front desk in the vestibule will welcome our small guests and their parents. The reception features custom furniture for children, such as a bench which doubles as a shoe rack, shelves and hooks at kids height for their storage.

The bathrooms have been designed keeping the nature theme in mind and giving a continuity from the playroom walls to the inside.

A large 2 level house-shaped volume, surrounded by light clouds, hosts the sleeping room for the youngest ones on the ground level and on the second floor a reading zone.

The outdoor garden and covered playground are key features in a dynamic scenario. It allows the children to be closer to the environment and encourages them to have more interaction with nature. This idea is achieved by creating a playful space of exploration, experimentation and discovery, to help develop different skills such as climbing, jumping, balancing, and creating.

To complement the physical development, some other features support the intellectual and artistic stimulation: a small scale amphitheater fitted with cushion mattress for watching movies and relaxing, a stage for performances, a reading area, an arts and crafts zone, and a cooking station.

One of the highlights of the Kids Planet is the beautiful hand crochet net with circular patterns on the second level, designed specifically for children to crawl, roll and jump around while hanging lights in the shape of birds are looking over them.