Bamboo Village

Architecture and Landscape of Community Mall for Cherngtalay

Blue Tree | Phuket | Thailand
Blue Tree
2016 - 2019
4560.50 m2
Structural Engineer: BECA / Technical Engineer: AVC / Landscape Architect: Peter Jordaan

Bamboo Village is located at the entrance to the Blue Tree project. Its expansive marquise and curvilinear water features lead you into an open air retail area, where the city meets the jungle.

The project serves as a transition between the road and the wider Blue Tree space. Due to its strategic location, it catches the eye and awakens the curiosity of passers-by.

Bamboo Village hosts numerous retail spaces framed by external gardens and water mirrors, for an enhanced tropical feel. Its large organic-shaped roofs provide refreshing shade and lower interior temperatures, while also functioning as rainwater collectors. 

Curved floor patterns and covered walkways lead deeper into the community mall, guiding the guests to retail shops via internal gardens and water features. Natural shade and relaxing seating spaces are provided throughout. 

The Village’s facades are designed with bamboo-covered metallic modular elements, creating a multi-layered surface of vertical gardens, street art murals and shop windows. Each element of this vertical mosaic has been carefully selected and crafted. Taking its environmental as well as social impact into account, it makes ample use of local greenery and provides local artists with an opportunity to showcase their talent.  

The buildings have been designed to host a variety of retail stores, featuring modules of different scales and sizes, according to their use scenario. These spaces of permanence offer visual links to the various topographic levels found throughout the project, while the transition spaces between buildings allow for free flow of natural breeze, further enhancing the project’s strong connection with the surrounding nature.