Blue Tree

Mix Use Development and Lagoon Activities Project Master Plan

Mix Use Development
Phuket - Thailand
Blue Tree
2016 – 2021
226,500 m²
On Going
Structural Engineer: BECA / Technical Engineer: AVC / Landscape Architect: Peter Jordaan

Blue Tree’s Master Plan responds to the need for recreational activities and public spaces in northern Phuket comprising a mixture of nature, ludic spaces and commercial areas. The mix-use project includes six defined areas: Commercial, Entertainment, Aquatic (The Lagoon), Sports, Wellness and Sustainability  (Eco-Hub), all interconnected by a network of walking and cycling paths surrounded by green spaces.

All paths guide through the different plazas, providing public spaces for the community, where the limits between buildings and nature are fused. Each plaza is identified with a specific function, influenced by its surroundings, offering space for social gatherings and interaction, primarily oriented to the family and the community.

Zone 1: Commercial

The commercial area is located at the entrance of the Blue Tree project, composed of the Bamboo Village and Family Entertainment Center. Buildings’ volumetry were planned to host various retail stores of different scales, according to their use. From a cozy fashion shop to a large fresh market, the commercial space has been designed for all types of businesses. Each building has been carefully placed in order to provide large open air public spaces where lush vegetation, trees, and greenery complement the area and bring in a sense of nature.

Zone 2: Entertainment

The entertainment area is located between the commercial space and the Lagoon. It is composed of The Terraces, The Waves and The Tree House. There different restaurants are available, from the upscale fine dining restaurants to food trucks, with the Tree House being the main attraction. They are purposely placed all around the amphitheater where live performances can be enjoyed from the terraces of each building. They are orientated in a way that all buildings are facing the stage.

Zone 3: The Lagoon

The Lagoon is located in the center of Blue Tree project, surrounded by the  Entertainment zone, the wellness zone, and the sport zone. It includes 2 man made beaches and 5 F&B outlets – the Tree House, The Bay Grill, Sunset Bar, The Island and the Beach Bungalow. Many different water activities, such as paddle boarding, rock climbing, cliff jumping and waterslides to mention a few, can be enjoyed within the Crystal Lagoon. This sustainable and eco-friendly technology consumes only 2% of the energy needed by conventional swimming pool filtration systems.

Zone 4: Sports

The Sports area is located at the east of the Lagoon. That zone is composed of one multi functional sport center, where yoga, flying trapeze, martial arts, gymnastic, and crossfit classes are offered. Right next to it, a significant public space is dedicated to outdoor activities such as skateboarding and biking. A large lawn area has been allocated for different sports (like soccer, rugby, ultimate and more), and even a picnic area under the shades of the trees is available for the spectators. Their locations are intentionally close to the Lagoon – only walking distance – allowing  guests to enjoy any activities, from land to water sports. It has been designed with the intention of bringing social and sportive development to the local community.  

Zone 5: Wellness

Located on the north side of Blue Tree Project, the Wellness zone is between the Lagoon and the Eco-hub, which work together with a large green area as a buffer. Indeed, it is intentionally placed away from any noisy surroundings. It is composed of a hotel, bungalows, a spa, a physiotherapy center and a cosmetic clinic.  A convenient parking space in front of the hotel won’t allow any disturbance to go any further. The deeper guests venture into the Wellness zone, the quieter it becomes, starting from the hotel, continuing into the cosmetic clinic, to the physiotherapy center, until the most calm area with bungalows in between the rubber trees.

Zone 6: Eco-Hub

The Eco-Hub is an educational center where environment, sustainability and learning are the core concepts. This multi functional space has been planned to hold conferences and workshops, in order to help educate and spread awareness to the local community. The building contemplates a green area reserved for agricultural farming, configuring an ecological system that will enrich the natural habitat, providing the produce needs of restaurants within Blue Tree.  Waste will be collected and sorted inside the park. Rainwater will be harvested and stored in artificial reservoirs and subterranean tanks located under the various buildings in the different areas of the project. This will allow Blue Tree to satisfy its water needs internally during the dry season.

Thanks to the variety of uses within Blue Tree, the project becomes a one stop destination on the island, catering for any age and social group, bringing together a community of like-minded people.