The Terraces

Architecture and Landscape of Restaurant complex in Blue Tree

Blue Tree - Phuket - Thailand
Blue Tree
2016 – 2019
5885.00 m²
Structural Engineer: BECA / Technical Engineer: AVC / Landscape Architect: Peter Jordaan.

The terraces – hosting 12 restaurants and an art gallery – are in the central location between the Family Entertainment Center, the Wave and the Tree House, in Blue Tree complex.

This building is formed by 5 rectangular modules on 2 floors, topped by a curved steel structure roof composed of two facing waves. Each module is separated by a tropical garden with an integrated open staircase covered by pergolas, creating shade, protection against the weather and natural airflow.

These 5 blocks are however all interconnected by long front terraces on the ground and upper floor and each unit opens its view to the lateral green area and covered terraces. The garden, bamboo ceilings and earthy tones are used to complement the feeling of nature. Curvy patterns on the floor create a sense of direction, guiding the guests from the plaza to the entrance of each restaurant. The terraces on both floors open up and are directly connected to the plaza so guests seated at the restaurants can enjoy the shows and feel part of the crowd while dining.

On the back of each restaurant, a storage room hides all the mechanical systems and opens up to the service road. A back door gives the convenience of f&b storage, kitchen, creating independent access with easy flow for delivery and operation. The biggest module on the southern end has all underground service areas. On the upper floor a double height unit with a mezzanine allocated for the art gallery.  Its L-shape terrace has views on the outdoor gardens overlooking an interesting topographic intervention. This has been designed with beauty and functionality in mind. Indeed, this landscape design is used to soften the transition between the 2 plazas and the entrance of the gallery, transforming the stairs into seating areas and blending into the surrounding nature. In addition to that, ramps on opposite sides complement the different access ways, tying together the Terraces and the Wave, and link the Family Entertainment Center to the arena.