The Wave

Restaurant / Kids Club / Stage in Blue Tree

Multifunctional Building
Blue Tree | Phuket | Thailand
Blue Tree
2016 - 2019
1930.00 m²
Structural Engineer: BECA / Technical Engineer: AVC / Landscape Architect: Peter Jordaan

The Wave is located in the Blue Tree entertainment area and is composed of two separate irregular volumes. Connecting them is a curved steel roof which generates an open space between them and links the parking lot and the amphitheater. A secondary roof provides shade for the outdoor playground, and extends into a curved up wave to create a cover for the stage.

One of the units hosts a Fusion Thai Cuisine restaurant. As a major highlight of the complex, this space has been designed with many convenient access points to the restaurant: guests can enter from the amphitheater, from the Family Entertainment Center or directly from the car park. To emphasize this space even more, a large covered terrace has been added to let the tropical weather in while overlooking the amphitheater.

The kids club is a double height ceiling unit featuring a curved floor plan mezzanine, and hosting an internal garden. The Kids Planet closes its external facades to the outdoor surroundings in order to create a controlled space for children to play in, but opens all its internal facades to the beautiful central garden. The internal green space works as a skylight, bringing natural light inside.

The building is surrounded by large-scale ramps and staircases – important features as they are used to soften the transition between the two plazas set on different levels. 

Organic-shape seating planters, covered walkways and food trucks area have been purposely created to complement the public spaces around the building. In addition, a round-stepped amphitheater in front of the stage has been designed to accommodate a central interactive fountain where children and adults can enjoy performances.