The Island

Architecture and Interior Design of Function Island

Blue Tree | Phuket | Thailand
Blue Tree
2020 - 2021
530 m²
Structural Engineer: BECA / Technical Engineer: AVC / Landscape Architect: Peter Jordaan

The island is located in the Blue Tree Lagoon, inside the wáter across from the Tree House. This idyllic man-made island has been specifically designed to cater for events and private parties. This building was also created to hold a partial wáter filtration system of the Crystal lagoon in the basement level.

The access to the island is via a wooden brigde, through greenery, until the center of the island where an all-natural looking bar awaits. The tropical feels of the lanscape from the moment one steps on the island is reflected into the materials used in the design.

Last but not least, the garden continues behind the bar and opens up to a jacuzzi which overflows directly into the lagoon. Sunchairs and hammocks under palm trees complement the atmosphere of relaxation.

All materials used are from natural sources such as wood, bamboo, customized clay tiles, but also from recycled materials such as ropes and glass terrazzo countertops. The Interiordesign has been inspired by a rustic ethnic and tropical theme,using elements and traditional patterns from the Caribbean, Polynesia and Africa.  The color pallet has been selected from a mix of earth tones reminding these places, providing a warm and inviting mood and creating an utopian environment.