Sunset Bar

Architecture and Interior Design of Multifunctional Building

Commercial - Entertainment
Blue Tree - Phuket - Thailand
Blue Tree
2019 – 2020
Structural Engineer: BECA / Technical Engineer: AVC / Landscape Architect: Peter Jordaan

The Sunset bar is located in the water of Blue Tree lagoon, right next to the Superfly, an oversize waterslide, catapulting guests up to 10 m high in the air. It hosts 2 levels: on the top, one can find a colorful bar, where cocktails and drinks are served and a lounge area with its many comfy cushions and pillows. The lower level holds the mechanical system of Blue Tree Lagoon, known as Crystal Lagoon. This sustainable and environmental-friendly technology uses a minimum of additives, consuming only 2% of energy compared to a traditional system, also providing the best water filtration system in the world. Next to it are located the changing rooms, lockers and showers for the guests’ convenience.

The building also works as a link between the Superfly slides and the Island. The passageway displays street art interventions, illuminated with natural light brought by a circular skylight, visually connecting the upper level to the ground floor.

Connecting the two levels is a set of wooden bleachers from where you can enjoy the view and overlook the jumping cliff of the lagoon, the Superfly slides and all other water activities. The high positioning of the Sunset Bar allows a panoramic view of the entire lagoon and the surrounding environment.

The pops of colors used in the design of this bar reflect the mood of the entire lounge, and the general guests feeling: an environment of daytime playfulness.

To emphasize that idea, a modular cube-shape pergola above the bleachers has been custom designed in a way that allows the natural breeze to flow through, refreshing the atmosphere and still providing light and shade patterns.

Natural materials helpto keep the tropical feel such as bamboo, wood and stone. To showcase more the essence of that place, customized recycled furniture are used at the bar such as bucket stools, oil barrels for tables, lamps made out of glass bottles, planters from tires and recycled glass countertop.

The particularity of this structure is that half of it is carved into the landscape and the other half is in the water of the lagoon. The side that is in the water features a deep water solo climbing wall, where guests can enjoy the challenge of climbing while safely falling in the water if needed. A wooden swinging bridge connects the upper level of the sunset bar to an artificial rock jumping cliff. Both elements, the cliff, and the wall, are hand-sculpted concrete work.