Villa Sitara

Renovation & Interior Design of a sea view villa in Surin Heights

Phuket | Thailand
Private Owner
406 m2
Technical Engineer: UK-THAI /
Automation: Asia Smart Home

Perched high on the hillside overlooking the charming Surin Beach, Villa Sitara interior design was inspired by the tropical island lifestyle: the seaview, the exotic vegetation, and the colorful palette of its surroundings influenced the new interior design.

The interior of Villa Sitara echoes the modern architecture of the building. Clean, strong horizontal and vertical lines meet with wood and stone patterns extensively used in all the spaces, as a reflection of modern art movement inside a home.

Ample balconies, terraces and windows invite the light from the Andaman sea and its enchanting sunsets in, with its fresh color palette reflected in each ambiance of the entire house.

Natural materials such as wood, stone, leather and other earth-friendly elements are featured throughout the villa. The selection of art, furniture and decorative pieces have been chosen in harmony with the color palette of the entire interior. As CKP studio is driven by originality, the firm doesn’t shy away from adding their own signature creative touches to break away from modern design principles. In this instance, splashes of warm tones and shades of blue, reminiscent of the sea and the sunsets subtly contrast with the monochromatic scheme. Geometric patterns on wooden doors, custom-made furniture, and terrazzo floors have also been included all around the house.

In order to create an open, wider, and brighter space, internal walls have been removed, allowing the kitchen, dining room and living room to connect. As the design of the villa takes its inspiration from the surrounding nature, concealing the footprints of technology seems necessary. This was achieved with customized wooden sliding panels in the entertainment area, providing a relaxed and soothing ambiance when the panels are closed, hiding the convenience of technology.

The kitchen truly distinguishes itself with a minimalist look, clean lines, white quartz counters and cabinets. It was designed mainly with form and function in mind. The use of blue color for the resin backsplash and the Scandinavian-inspired wooden chairs bring the rest of the villa’s style together.

To add to the sense of space, the master bedroom sitting on the entire top floor, features a work space, a meditation corner, a cozy sofa facing the sea and sunsets, as well as an impressive modern bathroom. The details of the geometric patterns on the wooden doors and headboard remind the ones used throughout the villa, but are even more intricate.

Those patterns are also reflected in the terrazzo floor of the white bathroom, capturing your senses in a playful way.