Coastal Escape

Architecture Renovation, Interior Design & Landscape of Sea-Front Holiday Villas

Kho Yao Noi
Private Client
5450 m²

Coastal Escape is an exclusive tropical holiday property located on Koh Yao Noi. Only a short longtail boat ride away from Phuket, you will find yourself submerged in a deep lush jungle feel with incredible views of Phang Nga bay directly from your bedroom.

The property is composed of 4 villas, each one hosting 2 bedrooms, a wide terrace at the front and a plunge pool. Each one of them has been renovated to give guests a modern tropical island atmosphere, therefore contributing to the rise of the property value. They are all surrounded by dense vegetation to provide privacy from the other villas and common areas, and connected by modular rectangle shape pathways. The terrazzo style private infinity plunge pool uses laminated glass, which gives the pool an incredible effect of water flowing into the sea without any boundaries.

To stay in sync with the natural feel of the location, the inside of the villas have been re-invented through the use of natural materials such as colored polished concrete, wood floors throughout the house and custom wooden furniture. The colors used are earthy tones, specifically chosen to bring harmony with the surrounding nature, giving a sense of warm and grounding environment.

By coming to Coastal Escape, one may find the peace and tranquility one is looking for, but can still mingle and socialize with the other villas’ guests around a large common infinity swimming pool, located in the center front of the property. With an impressive rice husk decking, complemented by beautiful wood teak leaf-shaped sunbeds, the pool faces Phang Nga Bay and an incredible uninterrupted landscape. 

To top off this amazing property, a full equipped bar and a dedicated spa room have been added, making Coastal Escape the perfect vacation destination.