The Tree House

Architecture and Interior Design of a Vertical Beach Club in Blue Tree

Blue Tree | Phuket | Thailand
Blue Tree
2016 - 2019
4,475 m²
Structural Engineer: BECA / Technical Engineer: AVC / Landscape Architect: Peter Jordaan / Bamboo Structure: Thailand Bamboo

The Tree House is centrally located between the retail area and the lagoon of Blue Tree. The architecture and interior design has been inspired and modeled to resemble the tree of life. The Tree House’s structure is made up of concrete, steel and bamboo with a total of four levels including a basement. The colors on the walls gradually shift from earth tones to deep greens just as you go up the levels, just as you would find in a real tree. The building is fully open to the outside and protected by huge overhanging bamboo roofs, which allow the natural light and wind breeze to come in. This has been purposely designed to stay connected with our surrounding environment.

The building has an open floor plan consisting of two service modules which are located on each side of the building creating vertical circulations. The first module hosts a large open staircase as well as an elevator for guests. The second module serves as the lifeblood of the treehouse providing mobilization for staff and food and beverage which is conveniently located by the kitchen and bar area of each level. 

The Tree House interior design takes into consideration colors and patterns within the building materials but also in the fabrics and furniture that have been chosen according to each floors’ theme. All furniture, lamps and decorations are made of natural materials. The backdrops of each bar area are made of custom made mosaics. Planters have been integrated throughout the treehouse to bring a natural feel within the building. 

The ground floor hosts the beach bar and is set up in 3 platforms: the bar, the deck, and the sun lounges, and allow guests to enjoy views of the lagoon. Guests are welcomed into The Tree House by a bamboo marquise structure that sets the mood of the first level. Organic floor patterns bring to mind the roots of a tree which are also reflected onto the walls and bamboo art pieces.  The colors on the ground floor stay as natural and earthy as possible with splashes of blue on the lagoon side of the building providing a nice transition between the tree and the water. Additionally, the sun lounge floor design portrays roots that lead from the treehouse to the lagoon. Two VIP lounges are purposely located inside the water to give you the feeling of being immersed into the lagoon while enjoying the convenience of eating and drinking. To complement the scenery, hammocks are placed between palm trees on the water level.

On the first floor an all-day restaurant overlooks the Blue Tree amphitheater on one side and the lagoon on the other. When guests arrive on this floor, they will feel as though they are between the branches of a tree. There, the colors are fresh, bright and vibrant to represent the parts of the tree where fruits grow and birds nest. All the wooden furniture are mixed with fruity colors, tropical imagery and brightly colored fabrics and decorations. Local fisherman nets are beautifully handcrafted into lamps and original parasols. 

When you make your way up into the canopy of the second floor, you will be welcomed by an eccentric cocktail and tapas bar where the colors are rich and deep. The main feature that makes this floor so original is the spiral staircase/slide inspired by the golden ratio. The same spiral is reflected on the floor pattern and is made up of a variety of terrazzo stones colors. The ceiling consists of cut bamboo of different lengths, fitted with hidden lights to provide a beautiful sense of atmosphere in the evening.

From the mezzanine there is a 360 degree view of the entire project.  A round shaped floor plan fitted with cushions and seats that will be at the guests’ disposal for superb sunset views.