Iniala Gourmet

Interior Design of a coffee shop

Commercial - Entertainment
Boat Avenue – Laguna - Phuket - Thailand
130 m²

After making their hotel a well-known landmark, the super luxury resort brand – Iniala – is expanding its assets to different sectors by opening Iniala Gourmet, a coffee shop in Boat Avenue that offers fresh breads and pastries, daily prepared lunch and diners, and exquisite coffees and teas. It is the perfect place to match any mood: from a business meeting to an impromptu gathering with friends, a quick morning coffee or a relaxed diner. 

To convey the feeling of a chilled atmosphere, the colors of white and blue are used to evoke the open sky and calming sea of the island lifestyle. The natural environment is emphasized by the large use of wood in the loose and built-in furniture. Custom wooden shelves in white-washed and blue patina are highlighted with teal colored chalkboards, used extensively to showcase the menu with white hand-drawn artworks. 

On the display closer to the entrance are the retailed imported products, which can be well seen from outside passersby. In the center, a counter bar with stools features a long mirror, which has been purposely placed across from a large window to make the room appear bigger and reflect the outside greenery, bringing the outdoor indoor.

Opposite to the cash register counter, one will find all the homemade packed products such as jams, muffins and cookies. Complementing the L-shaped counter of the cashier, a glass vitrine presents pastries and cakes, and behind it – more fresh baked goods and breads of the day.

A comfy lounge area is set up at the back of the shop to provide a quieter space, which has also been visually enlarged thanks to another mirror. Next to it, exclusive wines are on display for purchase. 

The ceiling of the shop features hanging ropes, reminding of a boating lifestyle. And to tie it all together, hand-picked decorations such as old crates, and big glass jars filled with kitchen items and colorful ingredients are selected within the same color pallet. Last but not least, one of the most striking features in the shop is a wall with hanged rolling pins of different colors, still following the same palette, from floor to ceiling.

Iniala prides itself on paying attention to the finest details. Indeed each tray, napkins, cutlery, crates, wrapping papers have Iniala logo printed or engraved.

The entire shop has been designed to make guests feel at home, with danish style furniture, like one would buy for their own house, making Iniala Gourmet the perfect place any time of the day.